Long-Term Financing For Any Rental Property

Why spend excess rental income on debt service when you could be leveraging your capital to invest in more projects? Trust Temple View for your financing needs for both Short-Term (Vacation) and Long-Term Rentals! We calculates our DSCRs on interest only, meaning you keep more cash in your pocket that you can use for your next investment. With rates as low at 3.5%* for credit scores that start at 640, now is the time to turn your real estate into wealth. New purchases, refinance and cash out options are all available, with your choice of 30-year fixed, ARM and Interest-only products.

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Rental Loans*

  • 640+ FICO – Interest-Only Product – 1.0x Qualifying At IO Payment
  • DSCR Calculated On Interest Only
  • Single Rental Property Loan
  • Individual Rental Properties
  • Single-Family, 1-4 Units, Condos, Townhomes - Both Long-Term and Vacation Rental Financing Now Available!
  • Currently (or soon to be) Leased
  • $75K – $2M
  • Up to 85% LTV for Purchases
  • 30 Year Fixed, ARM and Interest-Only
  • Rates As Low As 3.5%
  • Purchase, Rate & Term or Cash Out
  • LLC’s, Corporations, and LP’s Only
  • Nationwide Lending

*Rates, terms and conditions offered apply only to qualified borrowers in accordance with our guidelines at the time of application, property factors and geography and are subject to change at any time without notice. This is a non-binding expression of interest and does not create any legally binding commitment or obligation on the part of Temple View Capital Funding, LP or its affiliates and are subject to our credit, legal and investment approval process. Rates and terms are as of 11/19/2021. 

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Bridge Loans

A simple bridge to meet your transitional financing needs