Flexible Fix and Flip Loans

If you're interested in buying, renovating, and selling a property for profit - but you just need the right financing solution - you've come to the right place. Temple View Capital’s rehab loans for investors help them to acquire and improve the value of a property. We offer a straightforward fix and flip loan that allows investors like yourself to purchase an investment property, fix it, flip it, and then re-sell or refinance as quickly as possible so that you can maximize your returns.

Rehab Loans*

  • Up To 90% Acquisition LTV; Up To 100% LTV Rehab Budget
  • $75K - $4M Loan Amounts
  • 1-4 Single-Family Homes, Condos, Townhomes
  • Advanced Rehab Draws
  • Monthly Payments Rolled into the Loan
  • Up To 24-Month Term Available
  • LLCs, LPs, and Corporations
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*Rates, terms and conditions offered apply only to qualified borrowers in accordance with our guidelines at the time of application, property factors and geography and are subject to change at any time without notice. This is a non-binding expression of interest and does not create any legally binding commitment or obligation on the part of Temple View Capital Funding, LP or its affiliates and are subject to our credit, legal and investment approval process. Rates and terms are as of 7/11/2024. 

What is a Rehab Loan?

Real estate investors use rehab loans to finance the purchase and renovation of a property. The loan covers the cost of the property purchase and renovations, and it is based on the estimated value of theproperty after the renovations are completed. Rehab loans are a great option for real estate investors who want to purchase and renovate properties, but may not have the capital to cover all of the costs upfront.

Advantages of Our Fix & Flip Loans

Our programs are tailored to your project, experience and unique requirements. Apply now for a quick assessment.

  • Advanced Rehab Draws Available
  • 24/7 Access to Draw Management
  • Leverage Funds For Multiple Projects at Once
  • Loan Includes a Rehab Budget Which is 100% Funded
  • No Income, No Tax Returns, and No Reserves
  • No Asset Verification *restrictions apply
  • Delayed Purchase Financing
  • Nationwide Lending


What are the requirements for a fix & flip loan?

Qualification for rehab loans is based on the borrower's experience, an acceptable borrower entity, and a satisfactory background and credit report.

Can the loan be used for both the purchase of the property and the renovation costs, or is it limited to specific expenses?

Yes, the loan can be used for both purchase and rehab.

Will the loan disbursements be made in stages based on project progress? How are these disbursements processed?

The disbursement process follows a draw schedule. Depending on the project type and the borrower's experience, they can receive either reimbursement draws or advanced draws.

What documents and information do I need to provide to apply for the rehab loan?

The required documents include an application, appraisal, entity documentation and scope of work.

Can the loan be extended or refinanced if the project timeline extends beyond the initial term?

A refinance or extended fix and flip loan can be potentially converted into a long-term loan, subject to approval. Extensions are also feasible with proper authorization.

Are there any requirements for contingency funds or reserves during the renovation process?

For rehab projects, it is recommended to have a 10% contingency fund included to account for unforeseen expenses or unexpected changes during the renovation process.

Still have questions?

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