Why Clients Love Working with Temple View

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11 Jan 2022
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For any real estate investor, finding a reliable, honest, efficient, and resourceful lender is often just as critical as finding the right property to acquire.  Reputation is everything, as is a positive track record of successful projects taken on. But how can you spot the great lenders from the crowd of financing partners?

Temple View Capital Funding, LP (“Temple View”) is unique in that it partners with its borrowers to understand their financing needs and create investor-focused loan programs that underscore the value of simplicity, transparency, and above all, efficiency. Whether you’re looking to add a fix-and-flip project to your portfolio, a short- or long-term rental property, or a ground-up construction project, Temple View specializes in offering financing solutions geared towards both new and experienced brokers and investors.

In a recent interview with the firm’s Chief Risk Officer and Chief Operating Officer, Dan Stump, we find out what makes the investor-lender relationship unique and why investors find a deep well of expertise with Temple View’s knowledgeable team.

Dan Stump on why clients love working with Temple View:

Temple View as a firm engages a full-service, cradle-to-grave, financing approach.  We are focused on being a strategic partner to our borrowers.  Whether you’re a new or seasoned investor, we take the time to collaborate, information share, and help our borrowers maintain and grow their real estate portfolios.  We provide our clients with creative financing solutions to meet their unique real estate needs.

The operations teams that is responsible at Temple View for getting investors’ loans across the goal line work remarkably fast.  We've closed loans in as little as a two-day turnaround.  We're also able to make accommodations with the settlement process and diligence requirements  with some of our established clients.  Having that kind of flexibility allows our borrowers to win more deals up-front with greater certainty of the financing outcome.

Another big advantage to working with Temple View is that we offer exceedingly competitive rates on both rental finance and bridge, fix-and-flip and ground-up construction loans.  And we operate with a common-sense credit underwriting approach—we are equally comfortable and staffed to partner with less experienced real estate investors as well as institutional property owners with large portfolios and more complex financing requirements.  There is something to be said for bringing on new investors, solving their financing needs, and developing a productive long-term relationship.  We take great satisfaction in helping clients with initially small portfolios, but large aspirations, develop as successful real estate investors.

Temple View was founded by real estate entrepreneurs with over 20 years of residential mortgage investment experience, spearheading innovative product development since our inception.  Offering in-house underwriting and portal-based draw management, Temple View thrives off efficient, effective, and transparent lending practices that bolster the client-investor partnership.  The future is bright for both Temple View and our clients.

If you’re interested in taking the next step – or perhaps your first – towards your real estate investment journey, contact Temple View today.