Temple View’s Available Loan Programs Offer Borrowers Diversity and Choice

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11 Jan 2022
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Part of being a successful lender is understanding the importance of diversity and customizability for your client base. At Temple View Capital Funding, LP (“Temple View), our extensive experience in partnering with investors at all stages in their careers allows us to focus on the big picture and make smarter and faster lending decisions for the borrowers we serve. Our products are broad and are designed to meet every investor’s financial needs.

Bridge loans

The appropriately named bridge loan offers investors short-term funding to cover the gap between when a construction loan is due, and the long-term financing is complete. Temple View underwrites investors’ loans on the completed value of the project—meaning investors are not required to bring much cash to the table to dilute their equity for a loan closing.

Our bridge loans can range between six- and 24-month terms, are open to nationwide lending opportunities, and can cover everything from single-family homes, to condos, to townhomes.

Rehab loans

One of the most common and well-known programs is the rehab loan for investors looking to work on fix-and-flip or fix-and-hold properties. Our rehab loans don’t require monthly payments (they are rolled into the loan itself), provide access to advanced rehab draws, and can accommodate up to 24-month terms.

Rental loans

Are you building a rental portfolio? Temple View bases our loans on stated income from the appraised value, We also offer in-house processing and underwriting.  

Our rental loans are available for single-family properties, 1-4 units, condos, and townhomes. With competitive rates and variable terms—this program is intended to keep our borrowers’ portfolio—and wealth—growing.

Ground-up construction loans

For seasoned investors looking to build a property from scratch, or extensively renovate an already existing structure, Temple View offers ground-up construction loans. These loans are designed to provide a streamlined financing solution for investors building These loans are designed to provide a streamlined financing solution for investors building new single-family homes.  While short-term in nature, these loans are used to cover the costs of construction or extensive renovations.

With competitive rates and terms, and the ability to customize individual loans to fit investors’ needs, Temple View promises to meet you just where you need us to be. If you’re ready to explore our loan programs, contact us today.