Temple View Now Offers Non-Dutch Construction Loans

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11 Jan 2022
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Studies have shown that single-family home construction has been rising steadily since it bottomed in 2009. More recently, and as projected for 2022, the inventory shortage is a key growth area for investors who can team up with private lenders to secure ground-up construction loans. For real estate investors and lenders alike, this means another opportunity for which to expand their portfolios.

Ground-up construction loans are typically designed for experienced builders and investors who require one of two things: 1) financing to build a brand-new structure on an already secured property or 2) financing for the extensive reconstruction of older buildings to make them new again. While ground-up construction loans are not a new service offered by Temple View Funding, LP (“Temple View”), non-Dutch construction loans now are.

What does a non-Dutch loan mean?

Non-Dutch refers to the way interest is calculated on a loan. While there are generally two parts to most real estate investor loans—the purchase price of the property and the repair budget—non-Dutch loans assess the repair money as interest-only as it’s disbursed to the borrower, rather than upfront. As a result, investors experience lower interest payments and save money in the long run, meaning more money in their pockets.

Temple View now offering this new construction loan option is yet another example of we tailor our loan products to meet the needs of real estate investors. If you are ready to apply for your non-Dutch construction loan or learn more about Temple View’s loan requirements, contact us today.