Meet Temple View’s Chief Credit Officer, Lauren Shea

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11 Jan 2022
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Meet Temple View’s Chief Credit Officer, Lauren Shea. At Temple View, Lauren helps establish innovative product development and credit policy while maintaining a common-sense underwriting approach. Read Lauren’s full Q&A below to discover her goals for Temple View, key factors in closing deals, adapting to current market trends, and more!

What's your main goal for Temple View as Chief Credit Officer?

Common Sense Underwriting that results in funding the right deals and saying no to the wrong ones.  Having a product mix that is robust and meets the needs of our clients.  Having a team that can think out of the box but can balance it against risk

What are the key factors that Temple View takes into consideration when closing a deal?

Borrower experience, profitability on the project, market conditions in the area

Why did you choose Private Lending?

I am not sure I can say I chose it, it was more of a natural evolution in my career.  I love the entrepreneurial spirit of the private lending space and the problem solving angle that is has to it.  Some of the Private Lending space is commoditized but most of it is still creative solutions based with common sense.  There is a barbell between pushing towards innovation and mitigating risk.  

How will Temple View change to adapt to current market trends?  

The principals and founders created TVC in response to the underserved credit markets for investment properties.  The principals and founders have 20+ years in origination, Non performing loan management, and asset management experience.  Our history has been to adapt to constantly changing conditions in our space.  As a team with entrepreneurial spirit, we have evolved as the market shifted and demands of our business changed.  We will continue to evolve as market trends and demands change as we always have.    

What advice would you give to someone who has just started out in private lending?  

Do you research.  Never stop learning.  Read a lot so you understand the micro and macro economics of what we are doing.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Be a master of your craft and a consultant where you act as an advisor to your clients and peers in this space.  People will respect you for the no answer upfront and the advice if it well thought out and factual.  

What has been your favorite aspect of being in private lending over the years?  

Several things: The ingenuity of being able to create something and evolve it as we learn, improve, adjust to market conditions.  The ability to see what our amazing clients are building/rehabbing to address the shortage in the housing market.  Their adaptability and perseverance through difficult market climates.  Overall, the relationships that have been built.  

With competitive rates and terms, and the ability to customize individual loans to fit investors’ needs, Temple View promises to meet you just where you need us to be. If you’re ready to explore our loan programs, contact us today.