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11 Jan 2022
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Whether you’re an experienced real estate investor or a budding one, bridge loans are an excellent way to acquire properties that will expand your portfolio. Not only do bridge loans allow you to purchase a new property in virtually record time, but they also can provide the means to improve properties and put them back on the market as quickly as possible.

Given the current market conditions—liquidity in the market is not in a good place, rates are high for rentals, and there are not many options available—it can be difficult for investors to qualify for loans. Using a bridge loan for your rental property can help you get the funds required to start your next project, while still holding your existing assets. For that reason, among others, bridge loans are especially popular for fix and flip investments.

At Temple View Capital Funding, LP (“Temple View), many of our clients are using Bridge Loans given the current market conditions to provide capital while maintain their current investments.

If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not. If you meet our qualification, we’ll not only fund your deal, but also tailor a loan to fit your specific purchase. Temple View is proud to offer short-term funding for situations that include new construction, an upcoming sale or unexpected opportunities. These loans cover the gap between when your construction loan is due, and your long-term financing is complete.

With flexible terms, competitive low rates, and nationwide lending available for single-family, condos, and townhomes, the ways in which your portfolio can grow is virtually endless. Unlike traditional bank loans that require long wait times and plenty of red tape to navigate through, a bridge loan with Temple View can kickstart your next investment project in no time. If you see an opportunity to jump on a new project but know that plans & permits will take time, a Bridge Loan can help provide funding until you are ready to demo and rebuild (and most critically, get it back on the market).

Our bridge loans are the ideal solution for real estate financing when you need short-term funding for deals that need more time for building equity and appreciation. If you’re looking to learn more about this loan option, Temple View is here to help. We offer flexible, fast bridge loans that fit your budget and unique circumstances. Contact us today.