Client Case Study- A Hidden Gem is Unearthed in Hawaii Kai

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11 Jan 2022
5 min read
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Having a strong lending connection offers the opportunity to undertake daring ventures that have the potential to generate substantial benefits.

This is the case for one of our clients who is a seasoned real estate investor in Hawaii. He discovered a property in an area of Honolulu called Hawaii Kai, with a view of the Koko Head Crater, the property sat right on Kuapa Pond.

Because of the stunning views, pool and waterfront access, he knew the property held incredible potential. However, the home had been vacant for years due to a prior flood. Two other investors tried to rehab the property but failed because of the extent of the damage.

While another lender would have major hesitations about extending a loan on a risky property like this, he had an established relationship with Temple View Capital. We were familiar with who he was as an investor and as a businessperson - not just the numbers and data on an application.

Ultimately, our client and his team not only restored the property following the flood and years of abandonment but also transformed the Hawaii Kai home into a remarkable residence in high demand among prospective buyers.

With a $1.5 million original purchase price and $1 million in rehab work, this home then sold for $3.5 million with a profit of over $1 million. By choosing to work with a private money lender like Temple View Capital that was interested in his vision - not just the black and white facts - he was able to reap significant rewards.

Whether your next real estate investment opportunity is a fix-and-flip, ground-up construction, or a short-term or long-term rental, Temple View Capital offers competitive rates and terms to help make your project a success. Due to the partnerships that our principals have developed over 30 years in the industry, Temple View Capital has never stopped lending. When searching for a private money lender, it’s important to know that your lender will be there, no matter what the ups and downs of the market may hold. If you’re ready to have a private money lender on your side that understands your needs and appreciates your aspirations, contact us today.